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brands_TVWeeklyTV Weekly is the nation’s leading magazine for television listings.

TV Weekly was created to provide the most complete TV print listings on a localized, city-by-city basis.

Our mission is simple — to help our readers quickly and easily find out what’s on TV in their area. With expanding digital channels, new networks and multiple cable systems, comprehensive print TV listings are more necessary than every.

What people are saying about TV Weekly

“Now that is what I am talking about!!!  That IS the kind of guide I need.” ~ Kathy

“Finding my shows is so much easier.  The movie listings are great.” ~ Mitch

“I’m very pleased.  I will be a loyal subscriber.” ~ Kay

“What a tremendous improvement from the previous guide.  We use yours daily!  Thanks again for this great improvement.”~ Jeanette, Sarasota, Florida

“The type is large and easy to read.” ~ Anne

“When are you coming in NYC? We need you.” ~ John